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Here’s What You Can Expect

Providing everything you need for a professional Canadian pay stub for you and your employees. Our platform enables you to choose between salaried and hourly income, enter multiple income types, automatically calculate deductions, add cash and non-cash taxable benefits, add year-to-date income, and preview it all before your purchase.

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Remittance Summary

More Information For You

Along with your pay stub, you’ll receive a full remittance summary outlining exactly what you need to remit to the CRA. On top of that, we’ll offer links to important CRA pages regarding remittance and everything else you need to know.

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Our Method

Using the official CRA payroll deductions calculator, we give you all the info you need to succeed.

The CRA is the ultimate authority and they maintain a reliable deductions calculator. We use their free calculator as a foundation for enhanced services not available from the CRA.

OneTwoPay services include:

1) Pay statements that include all the required information
2) Employer and employee profiles for quicker payroll entry
3) A complete history of pay statements for all your employees
4) T4 reports to make T4 creation easier at tax time

We are always working to elevate our offerings and serve you better. As a OneTwoPay subscriber, you’ll be the first to know about new services.

How We Use the CRA Calculator

If you’re curious about how we draw upon the CRA’s calculator, here is more on our process:

1) Your payroll inputs are sent to the CRA website as you enter information into OneTwoPay.
2) Your deductions are received from the CRA site, combined with the information you entered.
3) Your pay stub is ready for you to preview, edit, download, and send to yourself via email.

Important Note: To protect your privacy and to comply with Canada's federal and provincial privacy laws, OneTwoPay does not pass on any personally identifiable information to any third party including the CRA. We always replace the names provided by you with "OneTwoPay Customer" and "OneTwoPay Customer Employee".

Finally, we do not maintain deductions formulas as part of our services and we don’t guarantee the accuracy of the deductions calculated.

Honestly, it’s that easy. Let’s get you your pay stubs.

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