Canadian Pay Stubs

Our Method

We use the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website for all calculations of deductions. The CRA is the ultimate authority and have built a reliable deductions calculator so we prefer to use that and focus our efforts on what is not already available for free.

In addition to payroll deductions calculated by the CRA website, OneTwoPay services include:

1) Pay statements that include all required information.

2) Employer and employee profiles for quicker payroll entry.

3) A complete history of pay statements for all your employees.

Over time, we will add to our list of services. Sign up here to be notified when we launch new features and services.

How We Use the CRA Calculator

1) Your payroll inputs are sent to the CRA website as you enter information into OneTwoPay.

2) Resulting deductions are received from the CRA site combined with your inputs.

3) Your pay stub is made available for preview, editing, download and sending via email.

Important Note: To protect your privacy and to comply with Canada's federal and provincial privacy laws, OneTwoPay does not pass on any personally identifiable information to any third party including the CRA. We always replace the names provided by you with "OneTwoPay Customer" and "OneTwoPay Customer Employee".

Finally, we do not maintain deductions forumulas as part of our services and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the deductions calculated.

Need Help?

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